About Shachar Weis

I am a software developer freelancer with over 20 years of experience. I’ve worked in many fields and disciplines, from ancient mainframes to tiny system-on-chip units. I have a lot of experience with computer vision applications, machine learning and cameras of all kinds (IR, RGB, Depth, Thermal). I’ve done much work with 3D platforms like OpenGL, DirectX, XNA and Three.JS. I’ve dealt with first-tier customers like Disney, Sears, GE and Mazda.

I’m also a tinkerer, maker, 3d printing enthusiast and photographer.

Based in London, Ontario, (That’s the one in Canada, confusing, I know) I can work remotely or travel to your location.

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A detailed review of my professional experience throughout the past 20+ years.



Images and videos of various commercial, non-profit and hobby projects I developed and launched.



3D printing, Laser Cutting, Robotics, Electronics, Jewelry, Resin Casting, oh my! Follow of my maker adventures.