Whisper Room – Proof of concept VR application that uses 3D audio to diagnose hearing loss. Color circles represent the range of the sound source.

User interface in VR is tricky and time consuming, but also very satisfying. Here is a music machine game I’m working on. MMM
I made a VR game! It’s called Orbital Injection, the goal is to toss as many objects as you can into a stable orbit without them crashing into the sun. It’s built for the HTC Vive and is a room-scale experience and is now available on Steam.

I added an Augmented Reality layer to my Packet39 business card. Realtime digital 3D graphics overlay, attached to a physical object. If you want to try it yourself, download the app here (Android only). You’ll need a Packet39 card, print one if you don’t have any.

promobig I founded OokpikLabs.com in spring 2015, where I teach technology themed workshops to adults and teens. The workshops are 1 to 3 meetings, and are about 3D Printing, Photography, Arduino and even Mushroom Growing.

I also designed the website 🙂

Demo reel of some of the effects I developed at Imagin8. Effects play in a powerful and customizable XNA framework. Most effects can be stacked and combined. An editor allowed clients to make their own unique experience.

exploded20view An instant camera based on RaspberryPi and a Thermal Printer, in a 3D printed case.

Video : youtube

GitHub: Pi-Thermal-Printer-Camera

My (pregnant) wife walking over the first interactive floor I created, back in 2005. This prototype used a IR-modified webcam to detect movement. f2

Some of the clients I have worked with, in Imagin8 and Eyelick. Disney, Google, Mazda, Gap and many more.

3D scan using a PrimeSense depth camera. Reconstructed from a point cloud using PCL in C++ and cleaned up with MeshLab. 3dscan

water People walking on interactive water display, GE pavilion at the Beijing 2008 Olympics. Machine vision cameras detect motion and track players, send the silhouette data to an XNA-based application layer which renders a water effect using pixel & vertex shaders.

A soccer game with floor projection. This system uses optical flow to calculate the player’s foot direction and speed. The game is rendered in OpenGL. I developed both the tracking software and the display engine. The game is fully customizable, the client can add banners and personalize all the graphics. soccer

A large scale delta 3D printer that I designed and built in 2014.